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Are you a Twin? Notes for Next Week’s Talk on Thomas (Didymus – The Twin)

Lunch with the Dans – Thomas, Didymus, Twin Part 2 (1) Didymus is Greek for “Twin” Facts: *Twins are more common since the 1980′s, 1 in every 30 births *Twins tend to be … [Read more...]

Bible and Science

We are surrounded by people who are constantly trying to reconcile the Bible and science. You will hear (or may ask) questions especially about the beginning of the world, the great flood, the … [Read more...]

More Wisdom, Less Pain: Atheism and Belief Considering Each Other

More Wisdom, Less Pain By Daniel Griswold This is the original.  A version is published in The Island Packet’s Bluffton Edition In my usual perusal of Internet blogs, I stumbled onto an article … [Read more...]


One of my core beliefs is that God created each of us with a free will. We have the ability and responsibility to choose. There are those who would tell me that I should use this forum to show others … [Read more...]

Is Faith More than Belief?

This blog post is part of my year-long series of posts on the New Testament. My church is on a year-long journey called Project 3:45, where we are reading the New Testament together this year. To join … [Read more...]

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