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Being a Christian Doesn’t Mean We Can Act Like A***oles

My Good Friday began with a conversation with a mother who adopted an African-American baby. She was telling me that her son, now pre-school age, was asking about church and wanted to take him to a … [Read more...]

My Youth Ministry Spotify Playlists

Over the past few years I have become a big fan of Spotify. I can search and find almost any song and put it into a playlist. I have used the lists from everything for prayer stations background music … [Read more...]

One Size (Doesn’t) Fit All

Greetings to you from the foreign country known as Te-Xas. I joked on twitter yesterday that I felt like a foreigner walking to my destination here in Dallas. And for being Asian. Though, currently … [Read more...]

Jealousy and Foreskins

(I know. What a weird title. Did I get your attention, though? Ha.) When I began my ministerial career, this chapter laid out the awful and detrimental affects of jealousy for me.1 Samuel 18 has … [Read more...]

Don’t let noise distract you from God’s love

Don’t let noise distract you from God’s love BY DANIEL GRISWOLD danielgriswold@gmail.com Originally Published in the Bluffton Ed. of The Island Packet, on February 18, 2014  Thomas … [Read more...]

5 Creative Ways for Students to Share Love on Valentines Day

Teenagers LOVE Valentines day. They love to give valentines and they love to receive valentines. But for some students, being single on Valentine’s day can be an embarrassing and traumatic … [Read more...]

I love The Getty’s Hymns: Christ is Risen, He is Risen Indeed

I’ve begun to learn this on the guitar.  Great Hymn – and so celebratory! Tagged: Celebration, Christ is Risen, Christian, Hymns, Life, Modern, music, Pass It On, Risen Indeed, The … [Read more...]

What Am I Called to Do? (Part 6): When Anger Is An Act Of Discipleship

I suggested earlier that God made us such that every person desires justice for all people. The result of being created this way is a lingering sense that what we see around us is not what God … [Read more...]

The Preacher is Tired

A while ago, a church member dropped off a bunch of books that she thought I’d be interested in. One of the books were a collection of blog entries from Gordon Atkinson … [Read more...]

My Way Or You’re a Heretic

I think that we too quick to toss the word “heretic” around. On Ministry Matters, someone wrote an article basically saying that it's okay to put down the Bible and not be burdened … [Read more...]

On Death and Dying

In college, I took a religion course entitled “Death and Dying.” I can’t remember anything from that class. Except, I really appreciated Dr. Crawford, even though he was a bit of a … [Read more...]

Practice? We Talkin’ Bout Practice

Game 6 of the NBA Finals was one of the best games, ever. Ray Allen made an incredible 3 with just a few seconds left on the clock. Everyone thought the game was over. The Heat “fans” left … [Read more...]


Food for thought: In his book Sacrilege, Hugh Halter admonishes us to no longer use the word "discipleship". He says we should change it to "apprenticeship"."Apprenticeship is not about morality, … [Read more...]

Are English Ministries Necessary?

English Ministry (EM) – ministries in a Korean-Immigrant church for the English speaking Koreans. Do churches benefit from being homogenous? I guess that’s the bigger question under the … [Read more...]

Do people know who you are?

When people find that you're a Christian, are they surprised? Can they tell by your words and deeds that you have found joy in your life or do you follow the "I'm a Christian so I can't have fun" … [Read more...]

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