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Project 365: Day 184 Jim’s Funeral

My next door neighbor Jim was a remarkable man. I knew him primarily as Pam’s husband and Darcy’s dad, a great neighbor who was quick to do things like call if our dogs escaped the yard … [Read more...]

On Death and Dying

In college, I took a religion course entitled “Death and Dying.” I can’t remember anything from that class. Except, I really appreciated Dr. Crawford, even though he was a bit of a … [Read more...]

Lenten Journey March 27 “Born to Die”

Today’s text is from John 12 27-36.  Jesus is still trying to explain to the crowds of followers that he came to die for them, yet they are so caught up in their own idea that he has come to … [Read more...]

The Ministry of Presence

I want to apologize to the regular readers I have out there.  I have not been diligent about blogging because honestly, I’ve had a lot on my plate.  We had our baby at the end of November, then … [Read more...]

The Dilemma of Discussing Death

The Devil with a hooking staff and Death himself with a soldier’s pike are attempting to snare the soul of this dying man. Ars Moriendi depictions such as this manuscript illustration from … [Read more...]

Life is Short and Precious

Can I tell you something? I dread the time of my life when I have to start burying my friends. Don’t even get me started about the inevitable day where I have to face my life without my parents … [Read more...]

Acts 2:22-28 What does Steve Jobs know?

Scripture: Acts 2:22-28Summary: Peter continues preaching in this section. He says that even though Jesus was killed, God raised him up, freeing him from death, because it was impossible for him … [Read more...]

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