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Personal Thoughts and Prayers as we Prepare for Transition

Amanda and I received prayers from Saint Andrew this morning at our Bluffton Campus blessing us as we enter a new phase of life and ministry.  Two weeks ago, Pastor Jim announced my transition at … [Read more...]

Odell Beckham Can Teach Us How to Pray

Odell Beckham shocked everyone with his one-handed catch heard around the world. Most of the conversation about that catch made it sound like it was either a stroke of magnificent luck or the feat of … [Read more...]

Numbers That Count

I have had many conversations about numbers this month… most of them are talks with leaders who are bummed about declining attendance numbers, some are talks with leaders who are excited … [Read more...]

Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork- Part 10

This week ends our summer series on Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork.  Our hope is that you can use all 13 principles as you shape ministry over the next school year.  In prior weeks we … [Read more...]

When Blogging Becomes Sinful

Maybe I am becoming the negative and divisive person that I so dislike as representative of Christianity. It seems like there is an occasion every couple months that Mark Driscoll infuriates me to an … [Read more...]

How to Pastor When You Have to Report Child Abuse

I’m glad to have this guest post from Dr. Ryan Darrow, a pastor with a professional counseling ministry. With a look of panic Eve yelled at me, “You did WHAT?” This statement, along with a Lil … [Read more...]

Building A Philosophy Of Sustainable Youthwork- Part 3

Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here This week we will explore two very interrelated  principles of sustainable youthwork: Youthwork is Discipling and Youthwork is Missional. Principle # 4 – … [Read more...]

Are You Cultivating Your Church Or Fertilizing It? #SlowChurch

I don’t know any pastors or church leaders that want the ministry of their church to be a flash in the pan for the spiritual lives of disenfranchised sometimes church-goers. We all say that we … [Read more...]

Another Open Letter to Rachel Held Evans

Hi Rachel, You’ve already told the entire blogosphere how much you love these crazy “open letters.” I’m sure that when you see one from someone you don’t know that you … [Read more...]

My friend, Terry.

Ever had one of those days where all you wanted to do was go home and post some lame remark about the terribleness of your day on your favorite social media outlet?  That was my today.  I sat down at … [Read more...]

To A Student At Graduation Time: An Open Letter From The University Chaplain

Dear Student, You are leaving this place for new adventures and new responsibilities. Some of that is exciting and some of it is scary. Some of it is just unknown. But you can be certain of one thing. … [Read more...]

Waiting for Miracles? Consider Some Already Done

Rather than waiting for a sign of God’s existence, turn to the Bible, where his miracles are well-documented. HARKER — McClatchy-Tribune News Service Waiting for Miracles? Consider … [Read more...]

Great Justice Starts in the Hearts of a Few (Pastor’s Corner)

Thomas Merton was a 20th century writer and Catholic mystic. SUBMITTED PHOTO Great justice starts in hearts of the few BY DANIEL GRISWOLD danielgriswold@gmail.com March 18, 2014 I’m … [Read more...]

The Greatest Martyr That Evangelicals Don’t Know: Oscar Romero

On March 24, 1980 Archbishop Oscar Romero was celebrating the Mass at a hospital chapel in El Salvador when he was shot and killed. Audio recordings indicate that he was shot at the moment that he … [Read more...]

University of Indianapolis Student Lenten Devotional

I’m glad to offer a free devotional created by the students and for the students of McCleary Chapel Ministries at the University of Indianapolis. I hope that you too will enjoy taking the Lenten … [Read more...]

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