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New Devotional For YOUR Students- Extraordinary Time

I am so excited to tell you about my new 365 day student ministry devotional called Extraordinary Time. 365 Ordinary Moments with an Anything But Ordinary God “I love the heart of this devotional. … [Read more...]

#whyIbelieve: Patrick

If you want to contribute to this series and share your story, please email me at pastorjosephyoo(@)gmail(.)com, without the parentheses. We live in a time of great skepticism and with the use of the … [Read more...]

The “Fixer” Problem in Parenting

As mentioned on this Blog before, I love Anthony Bourdain. Beyond all of the great writing, incredible food and interesting people his show provides one element that separates it from the rest of the … [Read more...]

#whyIbelieve: Elyssa

If you want to contribute to this series and share your story, please email me at pastorjosephyoo(@)gmail(.)com, without the parentheses. I’m glad Pastor Joe reached out to me. I have an … [Read more...]

#whyIbelieve: Jin Kyung

If you want to share on why you believe in God, please email me at pastorjosephyoo(@)gmail(.)com (remove all the parentheses). Jin Kyung currently lives in Kapolei, HI. While I admit that my fantasy … [Read more...]

It’s a letter….to you!

Remember when you were 16 with that ridiculous hair?And how you’d thought that by the time you got to here, to now, it was going to be good? That by now everything would be all good.That by now you’d … [Read more...]

The Gospel For Those Who Need It (Guest Post)

(Guest Author wanted to remain anonymous — for no real clear reasons. ;) He currently lives in Hawaii and is enjoying all the Aloha Hawaii has to offer) In light of Jesus saying, “It is not the … [Read more...]

Speaking of God (Guest Post)

(This is a guest post from another former youth student. They wanted to remain anonymous. He was a great kid and has grown up to be a great person. She's bright, deep, insightful, smart, and on … [Read more...]


I’ve come a long way in my faith and my beliefs since high school. I was heavily influenced by the conservative, immigrant fundamental-esque beliefs. I no longer think I’m there any more. … [Read more...]

Faith vs. Doubt vs. Wonder

So last spring I led a breakout session titled “Faith vs. Doubt vs. Wonder” at Faith Forward, a terrific new children & youth ministry conference in Nashville, TN. There are great, … [Read more...]

A Letter for Harmony (by Sung J. Kim)

(Sung Joong Kim is a former youth student of mine. I asked him to write a post about anything regarding faith and this is what he wrote. You can follow him on twitter here) May 9, 2004 That day would … [Read more...]

Project 365: Day 183 What’s Your Center?

I am reading a book called “A More Beautiful Question” by Warren Berger. The general idea is that the better questions we ask, the more breakthrough ideas we can have. In part of the book, … [Read more...]

Project 365: Day 131 Mothers Give Us Roots and Wings

Mother, You’ve given me two things One is roots The other’s wings. -anonymous Every year on Mother’s Day I can count on my mom and aunt posting pictures of their mom, my late … [Read more...]

3 Youth Ministry Lessons Learned from the Sidelines

In sports, the sidelines are the lines that mark the limits of the playing field or court.  Players and referees are actively engaged within the playing field.  As an athlete in the game, you may get … [Read more...]

Project 365: Day 106 Butterflies and our Faith Journey

In my kiddo’s first grade classroom, students are learning first-hand about metamorphosis by having cocoons and tadpoles in class. Today I stopped in my daughter’s classroom after lunch to … [Read more...]

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