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“Life of Parson” – A Comic Based on the Humor of Everyday Faith

“Life of Parson” a comic based in the humor of everyday faith I’ve had an idea in my head for a long time.  It basically goes like this: There are two things that you don’t see … [Read more...]

Pass It On: Six AM Comics Website Updated

(Click for full comic) I’ve been involved with my good friend Mark Marianelli for a long time working on an amazing side project called “Six AM”.  Whether it be working on comics, … [Read more...]

Pass It On: The First Time I Met My Congregation (aka the people of the church I serve) ;D

THE FIRST TIME I MET MY CONGREGATION Me on the outside: Me on the inside:   Source: Check out the Tumblr: EV’Ry DAY I’M PASTORIN’  Tagged: Congregation, Feels Like, First … [Read more...]

Being Human: Break Out of the Mold – The Mass Cookie Cutter is “Scary” – Be Original

I was meandering the internets and noticed this clip from Conan Obrien’s late night show (Team Coco, as known on Facebook).  I watched this clip of television reports inanely repeating the same … [Read more...]

asked and answered

I’m on an youth trip, a middle school missions shindig at Camp Lookout, a Holston Conference UMC camp in Rising Fawn, GA. I love going on trips with several other churches, partly to hear all of … [Read more...]

Memes I Made For Everyday Life (To Destress or Laugh)

I made some memes.  Take a look, and I’ll add the explanations below (if you care enough about me to understand anything going on in my mind). Arnold – This one was random.  I saw … [Read more...]

Christian? – “Y You No Meme?” Translation – I’ve Been Searching For Wholesome Christian Memes – Found Some

I don’t know if Christians are aware of a conversation taking place on the internet.  The conversation is primarily visual, involves lots of laughter, is challenging and often evokes gut … [Read more...]

I’m Weird.

So I had a whole blog post idea.. a couple to spread out this month… but just wanted to invite you into my head… we have to miss out on our small group this Wednesday and as I was sending … [Read more...]

The first firing!

[Read more...]

Pass It On: When Asked Why Jesus Saw Only One Set of Footprints in the Sand, Jesus replied: The Sand People Walk Single File In Order to Hide Their Numbers

Sometimes something just hits me the right way.  I’ve been reading the “Footprints in the Sand” picture of Jesus carrying us on his shoulders all my life – I’ve also been … [Read more...]

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