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3 Questions

3 Questions is a program that we developed to help create honest dialogue between parents and kids. For some reason in a one-on-one setting there‚Äôs nothing harder for a kid to do than pose a point … [Read more...]

Youth Ministry Now

Stumbled upon this series of youth ministry lectures at Yale Divinity School today. Some quality youth ministry thinking captured here. NOTE: It isn’t the biggest of deals, but you might want to … [Read more...]

Standard United Methodist Youth Ministry

See what I did there? I’ve gone on a bit here and other places grousing about the lack of a standard of youth ministry, particularly within the UMC. “Particularly” because I’m … [Read more...]

The Youth Sermon Series Collective

Do you struggle coming up with ideas for your youth sermon series or small group curriculum? There are really two options. You can buy something already created, or you can make your own. The problem … [Read more...]

Hacking Youth Ministry

Have a growing population of homeschooling teenagers? I know we certainly do. Perhaps you have seen some of the videos out there that bring into question todays education system. Perhaps you have read … [Read more...]

WHAT IF: we stop teaching youth what we know about God?

Throughout the history of education (no doubt this ends in an over-summation) the current generation has buckled at the knees in an effort to hand down a set of knowledge to the next generation. … [Read more...]

How to Use Instagram for Youth Ministry

Facebook is becoming passe’ and image driven communication is an absolute must with teenagers today. One of the growing social networks for teen use is Instagram. So how can we use Instagram for … [Read more...]

What is Confirmation?

Had an interesting conversation a few months back. We were planning our confirmation process (which we will highlight later at a later date). There were almost no sign ups, even though we had a few … [Read more...]

Less Tech Less Stress for Millennials

If you are like me you look at your gathered group of teenagers having a discussion or talk and see a constant drop of the eyes into the screen of the cell phone. Could be a text, most likely a text. … [Read more...]

Youth Ministry Ideas on Pinterest

Looking for youth ministry ideas? Check out Pinterest. A quick search through has turned up youth room decorating ideas, games, bible studies, theme nights and much more. Here are a few of my favorite … [Read more...]

Youth Group Games in a Pinch | Identity Crisis

Whatever the time of year it is in youth ministry there is always a need to have some youth group games you can pull out at a moments notice. One of my all time favorite youth group games is one I … [Read more...]

the Hardest One Question Youth Devotion Ever

Looking for a no set up youth devotion that quite possibly will be the hardest devotion ever? This is for you then. The Wesleyan movement that became Methodism / Wesleyanism and other faith … [Read more...]

Prayer Station Ideas from the Past

Have been working through old files on the computer. Ran across these photos of some of the prayer station ideas that Lilly Lewin set up for a worship we were doing together (with a few others) at the … [Read more...]

Youth Room Decor Ideas

Our youth group has recently been talking about how we can be more welcoming and inviting. I asked them to list three or four things they thought they could change about what we do now in order to … [Read more...]

Duck Dynasty Youth Night

Our buddy Eric over at Mt. Hebron UMC in Columbia South Carolina put together a “Duck Dynasty” themed youth night. The fun of it is was to jump onto the fan rave of Duck Dynasty and their … [Read more...]

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