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A Practical Look: Faith and Good Works

Good morning from Cleburne, TX! I am so glad to be writing you today and continuing our blog series on “A Practical Look at the Wesleyan Distinctive Emphases.” Let’s take a look at … [Read more...]

Personal Thoughts and Prayers as we Prepare for Transition

Amanda and I received prayers from Saint Andrew this morning at our Bluffton Campus blessing us as we enter a new phase of life and ministry.  Two weeks ago, Pastor Jim announced my transition at … [Read more...]

Excited to Announce My New Book!!!

Hey All! I am really excited to announce my new book Organic Student Ministry! Do you find other youth ministry programs promise you can “plug and play,” only to fall short of expectation, … [Read more...]

Would You Give Up Your Bed Tonight … If Doing So Could Change Someone’s Life?

Sleep Out for Youth Oasis Sleep Out   Imagine you are twelve to seventeen years old and you have nowhere to sleep tonight.  Imagine that you haven’t had a proper meal in a very long time.  That … [Read more...]

A Practical Look – Being Practically Preventible

  Grace. It’s a core part of who we are as United Methodists and personally as followers of Jesus Christ. As we begin to look at what it means to teach about Prevenient Grace in our youth … [Read more...]

SPARK Youth Ministry Conference January 8-15, 2016 in Dallas, Texas

I am very excited to announce that the Youthworker Movement team in partnership with Southwestern College, The Institute for Discipleship, Be A Disciple, The Center for Youth Ministry Excellence, … [Read more...]

5 Quick and Easy Tips to Get Fired Today

We all know the obvious great ideas to get fired like complete moral failure and violence to students, but if you aren’t quite ready to go to jail, here are some other great ways to loose your … [Read more...]

Where Is Your Pen?

A number of years ago I began a practice during Lent to write 5 letters a day. Yes, writing letters.. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. If you want to put some stock into the youth ministry that you … [Read more...]

Great New YM Resource!!!

There are millions of youth ministry resources out there.  Some scholarly, some practical and some just … well nuts.  There is a new resource I want to introduce you to just incase you have not … [Read more...]

The Heresy of “Keeping Christ In Christmas”

I am from a small town. One small town in fact, Piedmont, Alabama. It is a beautiful little place nestled in the foothills of Appalachia.  It has some of the most gorgeous mountains in the fall and … [Read more...]

A Thanksgiving Blessing/ Reminder for Families

I hope you are gearing down and are getting ready for some well deserved time off to spend with family and friends. Thanksgiving, like so many holidays, can seemed packed, rushed, angst filled and … [Read more...]

It seems like everyone has a view on Ferguson “Two Different Americas”

It seems like everyone has a view on Ferguson, but I think that this would be a good time to listen and understand. Martin Luther King, Jr. who foresaw and America capable of mending open wounds, but … [Read more...]

The “Fixer” Problem in Parenting

As mentioned on this Blog before, I love Anthony Bourdain. Beyond all of the great writing, incredible food and interesting people his show provides one element that separates it from the rest of the … [Read more...]

YS Coaching Discount for YouthWorker Movement Members

Whether you are a veteran youth worker, brand new, or somewhere in between, you can benefit from a session with a youth ministry coach.   Are you a youth worker in transition, looking for a job … [Read more...]

“Reclaiming the Lost Soul of Youth Ministry” interview

What you believe is central to determining how you do ministry.  That sounds obvious, but most of our belief/theology talk centers around what and how we teach.  The reality is that what we believe … [Read more...]

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