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A Chink in the Armor – You Lin Some, Dim Sum You Lose

I’m not the best person to really write about this… My formative childhood years were spent in Columbia, South Carolina. When I was in elementary school, I was the only one of my kind in … [Read more...]

Just Respect Everyone Around You…

I was reading an article by Bill Simmons on Grantland, and in the All-Linsanity Mailbag, Simmons drop a bit of knowledge from a reliable source of his saying that Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni … [Read more...]

Linsanity Effect

So this morning at 7am, I decided to stop by my favorite Starbucks to pick up a grande americano with a little bit of steamed soy milk before I head into the office. Starbucks was fairly empty except … [Read more...]

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