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10 Things You Should Never – Ever – Say to a Gerbil

10 Things to NEVER EVAR Say to a Gerbil!* We’ve all been there.  We’re hanging out with a friend, and they ask, “Hey, do you want to see my Gerbils”?  And you’re like, … [Read more...]

Pass It On: Fun Clean Memes I Made to Laugh and Enjoy Life

I was on an airplane to Dallas with no wi-fi and what did I have better to do than open “Meme-Maker” and have a little fun.  Some are funnier than others, but I laugh when I see em.  Some … [Read more...]

Memes I Made For Everyday Life (To Destress or Laugh)

I made some memes.  Take a look, and I’ll add the explanations below (if you care enough about me to understand anything going on in my mind). Arnold – This one was random.  I saw … [Read more...]

Christian? – “Y You No Meme?” Translation – I’ve Been Searching For Wholesome Christian Memes – Found Some

I don’t know if Christians are aware of a conversation taking place on the internet.  The conversation is primarily visual, involves lots of laughter, is challenging and often evokes gut … [Read more...]

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