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teaching kids how to swear & have sex: toward better communication

This has to do with youth ministry, it just takes a minute to get there. A couple of weeks ago I had the distinct joy of spending a week with my eldest son, Grey, on a motorcycle. Grey is 9, and … [Read more...]

Project 365: Day 103 How Not to be *That* Sports Parent

  We are a sports family.  Between the 3 kids, my husband and myself, we have played soccer, cross country, track, baseball, basketball, football and cheerleading.  As an athlete, a sports mom … [Read more...]

Beware of SSS (Squirrelly Spring Syndrome)

It seems to happen every year. The last frost has melted from the ground.  The first blooms are poking their heads through the surface of the warming ground and the air fills with the songs of … [Read more...]

Next Steps… A Follow Up to The Open Letter

The last two weeks have been pretty crazy.  The Open Letter to Parents post blew up and had over 25,000 unique hits in just a few days.  The number of emails, calls, texts and personal conversations … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Parents from Youth Ministers or Investment Update

(I have not written on the blog in a while mainly because I have been working on an exciting new book that I will tell you more about in the coming weeks.  While there has been blog silence I have had … [Read more...]

7 Slow Ways To Work With Parents

When I started in youth ministry, I was told in various ways that one of the main goals was to get youth away from their parents because then we could really do some spiritual good.  Some para-church … [Read more...]

3 “Aha!” Moments I Didn’t Expect to Teach at Perkins School of Youth Ministry

  Ever had an aha moment?  An “aha moment” is defined as “a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension,” according to … [Read more...]

5 ways that Grand Theft Auto 5 is making youth ministry easier

A few weeks ago Grand Theft Auto 5 landed on multiple platforms in the gaming community. Well, every community. In its first 3 days of sales, Rockstar Games allegedly hit 1.5 billion dollars in sales. … [Read more...]

Why You’re Letting Your Old Job Run Your Current One

It happens too often. I am up, walking around, coffee finished. I go to my bathroom, turn on the shower, shut the curtain then… I walk away. I will go to the living room, see the dog and … [Read more...]

The Round Up- October 18, 2013

  Student Ministry What Happens When Parents See Youth Ministry as an Elective?- Average Youth Ministry Why “No” is One of the Most Important Words in Youth Ministry- Andy Blanks … [Read more...]

A Few Of My Favorite Student Ministry Tech Tools

Websites You have to have a website.  I don’t care the size of your group, you need a site, a place that tells who you are, where you are, when you meet and can be a place where parents, … [Read more...]

The Round Up- October 4, 2013

Youth Ministry How To Apologize When You Mess Up- Smarter Youth Ministry Clergy at Higher Risk for Anxiety and Depression- Huffington Post How to Talk to Adults- Stephen Ingram Culture The 10 … [Read more...]

How To Talk To Adults

In this post, part 2 of “How to Be 65% More Effective in Youth Ministry” I want to talk about a few simple steps to help youth ministers communicate better with adults, their real … [Read more...]

How To Be 65% More Effective In Youth Ministry

I was talking with a youth minister the other day and they were very confused.  He could not figure out why it was so difficult getting kids to his programs.  ”They want to be there! They tell … [Read more...]

The Round Up- September 27, 2013

Student Ministry 5 Pinterest Ideas for Churches- Church Tech Today Be A PROfessional Youth Minister- CYMT Blog 3 Go To Resources for Discipling Teenagers- Elle Campbell The Importance of Guilt in … [Read more...]

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