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The Day That I Started To Understand Racism

It was a hot June day in 2011. My wife and I had been parents for just four days. I suppose by this time I had become pretty settled with the idea that America as a whole had shifted away from the … [Read more...]

5 Creative Ways for Students to Share Love on Valentines Day

Teenagers LOVE Valentines day. They love to give valentines and they love to receive valentines. But for some students, being single on Valentine’s day can be an embarrassing and traumatic … [Read more...]

3 Things To Look For In A Mentor: A Tribute To My Own Mentors

In my work as a University Chaplain, I talk a lot with students about having a good mentor and becoming a good mentor to another. One of the findings of the National Study of Youth and Religion is … [Read more...]

A Short Guide to Visiting Churches for Worship and God Forbid…Fun

I can’t hide the fact that I love visiting different churches.  While I sometimes get frustrated by the fragmented nature of Christianity post-1000-ish AD, I’ve also found that the … [Read more...]

God Is NOT With Us: An Advent Sermon

I believe a Christian can give only one response to the difficult question of suffering. This place is not what God had in mind and he will in fact set the whole world to rights one day…we pray that … [Read more...]

Be clear about your values to help prevent a ‘Patchwork Self’

Being One BY DANIEL GRISWOLD danielgriswold@gmail.com November 6, 2013 In mathematics, an “identity” is an equation that is valid for all its variables. For a human, the definition is … [Read more...]

Are Christian Relationship Books Ruining Our Marriages?

Hopefully, if you read the headline and took the bait, you realize I have some explaining to do.  So please give me a moment to clarify and you can decide whether or not I’m on the right track. … [Read more...]

Real Conversations Mean Listening, Being Present

          Real Conversations Mean Listening, Being Present        By Daniel Griswold I recently watched an interesting episode of the television comedy, Friends, in which during an alternate … [Read more...]

Dorm Room Discipleship

I wrote a similar post on this theme a few years back. Living in a tiny room with another person is one the greatest joys and greatest headaches of college life. I’m convinced that it is also … [Read more...]

To a New College Freshman: An Open Letter from the University Chaplain

I recently had a very popular “open letter” to the parents of a college freshman. This letter gives a little of what I tell my students every year. Check out the earlier letter here: … [Read more...]

Keep an open mind when it comes to family worship services

  Keep an open mind when it comes to family worship services Published: August 20, 2013, The Island Packet, Bluffton Edition   By DANIEL GRISWOLD — danielgriswold@gmail.com Have you … [Read more...]

To the Parents of a College Freshman: An Open Letter From Their Chaplain

Update: Since writing this post I have also written an “open letter” to the new students themselves. You can read that here: “To a New College Freshman: An Open Letter from the … [Read more...]

Are you a Twin? Notes for Next Week’s Talk on Thomas (Didymus – The Twin)

Lunch with the Dans – Thomas, Didymus, Twin Part 2 (1) Didymus is Greek for “Twin” Facts: *Twins are more common since the 1980′s, 1 in every 30 births *Twins tend to be … [Read more...]

Notes from Dr. Kenda Dean’s sessions at Symposium on Youth, Religion and Culture (Spartanburg Methodist College)

Symposium on Youth Ministry with Dr. Kenda Dean Spartanburg Methodist College Thursday April 11th, 2013 Speakers: “Kenda Creasy Dean, professor of youth, church and culture at Princeton … [Read more...]

Notes on Christian Love (from a Discussion at Zeppelin’s Restaurant in Bluffton 3/14/13)

Lunch with the Dan’s Conversation 3/14/13 Scripture: John 13:31-35  When he was gone, Jesus said, “Now the Son of Man is glorified and God is glorified in him. If God is glorified in him, God … [Read more...]

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