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5 Often Overlooked Ways to Grow Your Student Ministry

Many youth leaders will say that numbers are not important. While we often want that to be true, numbers of youth in a program are often use to gauge your ministry. However, the ways and methods we … [Read more...]

Encountering Grace — A Shameless Plug

Just taking the time to shamelessly plug myself. On my blog. As if I need more attention… The Bible study I wrote about grace for the Converge Bible Studies is now available to purchase on the … [Read more...]

Our Top Ten Youth Sermon Series Topics

The fall semester has come to an end and we are gearing up for the spring. One thing I like to do is to get the students input on what topics we might cover as part of our small groups series. I wrote … [Read more...]

How To Do Small Groups That Actually Work

If you are reading this post and you already have a thriving small group ministry where students are deeply connected on a weekly basis with a group of peers and adults that grow deeper together in … [Read more...]

Three Characteristics of Good Sr. High Ministry

Ministry with Sr. High students is becoming more and more difficult. The combination of their increasing business, higher workload and the ever decreasing social influence of religion in our culture … [Read more...]

FREE Retreat Guide w/ 2 Week Follow Up Devotions!

It has been a great year of blogging with loads of new subscribers, new visitors and all sorts of people from the youth ministry world interacting with Organic Student Ministry!  I wanted to do … [Read more...]

How to Create Curriculum from Your Favorite Books

WHY? In youth ministry we are constantly in search of great curriculum and lessons that will both engage our students with both mind and heart.  I find that too often that is a very difficult and … [Read more...]

3 Practices that Invite More Volunteers to Your Ministry

As a youth ministry consultant I get to meet with loads of different churches, parents, youth and youth ministers.  It is always exciting to go onsite with a church because of the different and unique … [Read more...]

Youth Worship Experience – Asking For Help

Last night we were talking about prayer and about asking God for help. I shared the story of a friend of mine who was building a fence with his dad. He came to a spot where a large boulder was in the … [Read more...]

A Summary of My Presentation at Txt2Speech Conference

In November I had the opportunity to be a presenter at the Txt2Speech conference in Nashville.  It was an incredibly insightful conference which featured some great keynotes by Kenda Creasy Dean, Mike … [Read more...]

Looking for Youth Curriculum or Parent Training???

If you are looking for a new series for your youth group this Spring or have decided to engage your parents in a parents only training then you should check out my book Hollow Faith!  I have been … [Read more...]

Where to Find Youth Series Curriculum?

This past fall our youth program began doing a Wednesday Night program for the first time. This consists of dinner, a game or two, time of worship and small groups. As I was preparing, I knew I needed … [Read more...]

10 Quick-Prep Activities for Super-Small Groups

Can you have fun and learn about God with just a couple of people? Whether you’re a big church youth group leader looking to make things smaller and more personal through small groups, or it just … [Read more...]

I’m Weird.

So I had a whole blog post idea.. a couple to spread out this month… but just wanted to invite you into my head… we have to miss out on our small group this Wednesday and as I was sending … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Meeting Spaces for Youth Ministry

This article curated from eHow.com When the church creates a designated area for youth ministry, youth leaders have an opportunity to design a space that welcomes those who enter and draws them into … [Read more...]

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