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Spiritual Discipline: It ain’t easy!

In my most recent article on Slant33.com I was asked to share about what spiritual discipline I struggle with most. For anyone who knows me personally my response won’t be surprising. It does … [Read more...]

Things My Dad Taught Me

If there’s one lesson that I learn from my dad is: Take everything to prayer. For me, the picture next to Prayer Warrior would be of my father. The man is a man of prayer. And God has blessed … [Read more...]

A Long 3 Days

Prayer (Photo credit: Chris Yarzab) I’ve felt the prompting to do so a while ago. But I kept coming up with excuses. Can’t do it right now, because so and so. Some excuses were legitimate, … [Read more...]

Prayers for Prayers | Week 7 | Sound of Silence

IT ISN’T IN THE FIRE OR THE EARTHQUAKE THAT GOD PASSES BY, BUT THE SILENCE. What is Silence as a spiritual practice in prayer and meditation? Why is it so hard? Why is it so powerful? It is said that … [Read more...]

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