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How much…

do you love your cell phone?According to a new survey by phone security company Lookout, the majority of Americans would put themselves at risk to get their lost or stolen phones back. … [Read more...]

How To Find Out What WordPress Theme A Site Uses

As a web designer for churches, individuals, small businesses, bloggers, and just about everything in between I get a lot of “We’d like our site to look like [this site]”. I actually … [Read more...]

Social Media Secrets | Takeaways from Worlds Largest Webinar #WLW14

I spent an hour with about 34k+ people on a webinar put on by HubSpot. It was being dubbed the World’s Largest Webinar, or #WLW14 for short. They had some pretty high profile individuals from … [Read more...]

Lock the Church Down

Ever have that fear that if something happened to the church, or the church office you’d be in a world of hurt? UMCom released my March MyCom article on church online security. In there I pull … [Read more...]

Next Steps… A Follow Up to The Open Letter

The last two weeks have been pretty crazy.  The Open Letter to Parents post blew up and had over 25,000 unique hits in just a few days.  The number of emails, calls, texts and personal conversations … [Read more...]

The Round Up- October 18, 2013

  Student Ministry What Happens When Parents See Youth Ministry as an Elective?- Average Youth Ministry Why “No” is One of the Most Important Words in Youth Ministry- Andy Blanks … [Read more...]

A Few Of My Favorite Student Ministry Tech Tools

Websites You have to have a website.  I don’t care the size of your group, you need a site, a place that tells who you are, where you are, when you meet and can be a place where parents, … [Read more...]

The Round Up- October 4, 2013

Youth Ministry How To Apologize When You Mess Up- Smarter Youth Ministry Clergy at Higher Risk for Anxiety and Depression- Huffington Post How to Talk to Adults- Stephen Ingram Culture The 10 … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Corner: Shiny New Things by Daniel Griswold

Pastors Corner: Shiny New Things By Daniel Griswold Youth Director at Saint Andrew By-The-Sea UMC Hilton Head Island, SC   Twitter:  @Dannonhill     Email: DanielGriswold@Gmail.com Blog: … [Read more...]

Post “Apple-Pocalypse”: Why You Should Upgrade to iOS 7 (after the servers cool down)

Yesterday we all survived the “Apple-Pocalypse”.  For anyone who owns a recent “i” product from the white fruit company, there was a sudden peer pressure to upgrade to the … [Read more...]

3 Websites That are Helping Me Feel Human in Youth Ministry

3 websites that are helping me feel human in youth ministry #1: theworkofthepeople.com.  Their videos are beautiful and, though they are not necessarily intended for youth ministry, the subject … [Read more...]

Ironing the Shirt You Are Wearing

I woke up at 5:00 am I began writing over a cup of hot french pressed local coffee. I finished writing at 7:00, made breakfast and sent my family off. I took a shower, put on my clothes and was ready … [Read more...]

Cell Phone laws….

[Read more...]

Faith and Patriotism

Well, it’s almost July 4th. If you’re an American, that means it’s time for burgers, hot dogs, apple pies, and fireworks.  The majority of us will take a day off to celebrate our … [Read more...]

Netflix You Can Use: Mystery Men

I am constantly watching the Netflix New Arrivals list for films that are streaming that have good overall watchability as a youth ministry movie and that also may have a specific scene that can be … [Read more...]

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