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Perfecting Your Instagram Strategy

I am a sucker for infographics, and this one comes via MarketingProfs and Salesforce. Instagram has become one of my favorite social platforms. The ‘cruise’ through people’s lives … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for the Next Round of Google Algorithm Changes?

When I was studying early childhood in college years it was always fun to try and chronicle the ever changing rules to any game set forth by 4 & 5-year-olds. They had an open set of rules that … [Read more...]

Use UltraText to Promote Your Next Youth Event

Let’s face it, youth are not hanging out on Facebook anymore, so all that time we spend there is probably now just for the parents. But they are spending their time in their phones, texting and … [Read more...]

Great New YM Resource!!!

There are millions of youth ministry resources out there.  Some scholarly, some practical and some just … well nuts.  There is a new resource I want to introduce you to just incase you have not … [Read more...]

How much…

do you love your cell phone?According to a new survey by phone security company Lookout, the majority of Americans would put themselves at risk to get their lost or stolen phones back. … [Read more...]

How To Find Out What WordPress Theme A Site Uses

As a web designer for churches, individuals, small businesses, bloggers, and just about everything in between I get a lot of “We’d like our site to look like [this site]”. I actually … [Read more...]

Social Media Secrets | Takeaways from Worlds Largest Webinar #WLW14

I spent an hour with about 34k+ people on a webinar put on by HubSpot. It was being dubbed the World’s Largest Webinar, or #WLW14 for short. They had some pretty high profile individuals from … [Read more...]

Lock the Church Down

Ever have that fear that if something happened to the church, or the church office you’d be in a world of hurt? UMCom released my March MyCom article on church online security. In there I pull … [Read more...]

Next Steps… A Follow Up to The Open Letter

The last two weeks have been pretty crazy.  The Open Letter to Parents post blew up and had over 25,000 unique hits in just a few days.  The number of emails, calls, texts and personal conversations … [Read more...]

The Round Up- October 18, 2013

  Student Ministry What Happens When Parents See Youth Ministry as an Elective?- Average Youth Ministry Why “No” is One of the Most Important Words in Youth Ministry- Andy Blanks … [Read more...]

A Few Of My Favorite Student Ministry Tech Tools

Websites You have to have a website.  I don’t care the size of your group, you need a site, a place that tells who you are, where you are, when you meet and can be a place where parents, … [Read more...]

The Round Up- October 4, 2013

Youth Ministry How To Apologize When You Mess Up- Smarter Youth Ministry Clergy at Higher Risk for Anxiety and Depression- Huffington Post How to Talk to Adults- Stephen Ingram Culture The 10 … [Read more...]

Pastor’s Corner: Shiny New Things by Daniel Griswold

Pastors Corner: Shiny New Things By Daniel Griswold Youth Director at Saint Andrew By-The-Sea UMC Hilton Head Island, SC   Twitter:  @Dannonhill     Email: DanielGriswold@Gmail.com Blog: … [Read more...]

Post “Apple-Pocalypse”: Why You Should Upgrade to iOS 7 (after the servers cool down)

Yesterday we all survived the “Apple-Pocalypse”.  For anyone who owns a recent “i” product from the white fruit company, there was a sudden peer pressure to upgrade to the … [Read more...]

3 Websites That are Helping Me Feel Human in Youth Ministry

3 websites that are helping me feel human in youth ministry #1: theworkofthepeople.com.  Their videos are beautiful and, though they are not necessarily intended for youth ministry, the subject … [Read more...]

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