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To A Student At Graduation Time: An Open Letter From The University Chaplain

Dear Student, You are leaving this place for new adventures and new responsibilities. Some of that is exciting and some of it is scary. Some of it is just unknown. But you can be certain of one thing. … [Read more...]

Meet the 2014 Lantz Center Commissioning Class

The Lantz Center for Christian Vocation and Formation is one of the programs of great depth in the Christian faith at the University of Indianapolis. UIndy, as we refer to the university, is not a … [Read more...]

An “Affirmative Action” Proposal For The Free Churches

I have heard from many women ministers over the last couple months. Overwhelmingly, the message is this: “Even though I’m in a denomination that ordains women, no one will hire me.” … [Read more...]

3 Things To Look For In A Mentor: A Tribute To My Own Mentors

In my work as a University Chaplain, I talk a lot with students about having a good mentor and becoming a good mentor to another. One of the findings of the National Study of Youth and Religion is … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Ordaining Women Is No Longer An Option

When I was a 23 year old theology student, I nominated the first woman to be elder in the life of our conservative church. The response: “We don’t feel called to challenge the church … [Read more...]

How N.T. Wright Saved My Faith: A Call for Theological Complexity

After a couple of years of diving into the depths of theology, it had become clear that the “Sunday school faith” I had absorbed from my local congregation would not be enough to answer my … [Read more...]

Youth and College Ministry Book Give-Away

I’ll be honest. The blogosphere is full of people offering their take on ministry. Some of it is really good stuff. I think that my unique ministry as an academic theologian that also works in … [Read more...]

Dorm Room Discipleship

I wrote a similar post on this theme a few years back. Living in a tiny room with another person is one the greatest joys and greatest headaches of college life. I’m convinced that it is also … [Read more...]

To a New College Freshman: An Open Letter from the University Chaplain

I recently had a very popular “open letter” to the parents of a college freshman. This letter gives a little of what I tell my students every year. Check out the earlier letter here: … [Read more...]

To the Parents of a College Freshman: An Open Letter From Their Chaplain

Update: Since writing this post I have also written an “open letter” to the new students themselves. You can read that here: “To a New College Freshman: An Open Letter from the … [Read more...]

The Church Spends Billions of Dollars To Keep Young People Away

I’m paraphrasing what Andy Stanley said to a room full of church leaders at a conference recently. Sure, it’s a bit dramatic. And perhaps overly generalizing. But there is truth in that … [Read more...]

Breakup By Texting – Don’t Do This (by Tim Elmore)

Tim Elmore (@TimElmore on Twitter) is a great voice in developing leaders in the Millenial generation.  I was tipped off to his books when I visited USCB while talking about starting a Methodist … [Read more...]

Tattoos on the Heart: Review

(note: this was written for the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference’s young adult resource magazine Shift) So there I was, hanging out at the gift shop of Homegirl Cafe, when a heavily inked … [Read more...]

the methodist church can’t afford to succeed in reaching young adults

Some of this is tongue-in-cheek, but even I’m at a loss to figure out which parts. Years and years of vibrant/relevant/fruitful/vital/+your buzzword youth ministry have only seemed shine a … [Read more...]

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