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Why We Post Videos to Facebook

I was recently reminded why I should take time to make videos. Now I know many youth do not use Facebook anymore. However, many parents and adults in the church do. Therefore it is still something I … [Read more...]

Ministry2Youth Podcast – Episode 2 – Powerpoint Games

In this episode of the Ministry 2 Youth Podcast our friend Chad McElveen joins Russell and Jud to talk about ways to use powerpoint type games. Be sure to check out all the links to things mentioned … [Read more...]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Facebook

Have you given up on Facebook as a way to reach your youth? According to a Time magazine article teens are not leaving the social media site after all. Despite a slight dip in use Facebook is almost … [Read more...]

#enditmovement video

www.enditmovement.com … [Read more...]

Pass It On: What Google Glasses Will Be Like to Wear – Point Of View

I love new technology and I’ve been watching what Google’s new glasses are going to be capable of.  There are a lot of upsides to being able to access information without your hands. … [Read more...]

Passion of the Cat – Woman Really Loves Cats (Meme Video)

I saw this today and couldn’t help but pass it on.  This woman made an EHarmony video, and couldn’t help but delve into the depths of her need to love, hug, and adopt every cat that has … [Read more...]

God and the New Musics (Owl City – Galaxies) – Would You Worship God in Music Like This?

Around 1996 – 1998, as a teen, I began to search for electronic forms of music that were fun and not too technical.  I also wanted the music to be positive, full of life, and have some resonance … [Read more...]

The Transfiguration: Sufjan Stevens and the Miracle

A while back I was asked to speak in a series on the amazing events of Jesus’s life, particularly the Transfiguration.  Since that talk, this song has really impacted me, and helped me feel the … [Read more...]

Which Youtube Channels Would You Recommend?

Starting Labor Day the Martin household will no longer be subscribing to cable or satellite tv. We finally have reached the end of our our contract and for many reasons are deciding not to … [Read more...]

How Teens Consume Online Video

How do your teenagers engage in online video use? Is there a strategy to use to reach your youth ministry teenagers? Maybe there is something that you are best to avoid considering your groups … [Read more...]

Just Like My First Year at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary – Just Paste My Face On This Video

A Day In The Life of a Gordon Conwell Seminarian Probably the most stretching period of my life was while I was living on campus at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, working at Grace Chapel in … [Read more...]

How Does the UMC General Conference affect the South Carolina Churches – Pastor Ken Nelson

A while back I had the opportunity to meet Rev. Ken Nelson, and I remember coming away having experienced a guy who really cares about people and the church.  Like many, he is down in Tampa, FL for … [Read more...]

Free Loop – A Little Fusion

Here is your free loop of the week. It will work great for your youtube, animoto, iMovie or other productions. For more loops and other freebies visit forkintheroadmusic.org/freebies Related … [Read more...]

Pass It On: Fight the Stereotype – African Guys Use Humor to Debunk Western Entertainment’s Vision

I love this video.  Watch and read my thoughts below. I’ll be honest.  All the missions trips that folks go on have pictures of little children (usually of color, definitely of another ethnic … [Read more...]

Remembering Chuck Colson, Video

It was recently reported that Chuck Colson had passed away. I had heard his name quite a bit for his work in prison ministry, and he had spoken at my previous church, Grace Chapel, while I worked in … [Read more...]

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