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Project 365: Day 113 Jake

This is Jake. He and I met nearly a decade ago when he was a youth in our youth group. He’s changed a lot since then, but then again, so have I. (I’ll spare us the pictures, just trust … [Read more...]

3 quick tips for honoring your high school seniors

It’s April, so it’s barely still not-to-late to think about how you’re sending off your seniors this year. Honestly, this is one of my least favorite youth ministry practices. Youth … [Read more...]

3 Youth Ministry Lessons Learned from the Sidelines

In sports, the sidelines are the lines that mark the limits of the playing field or court.  Players and referees are actively engaged within the playing field.  As an athlete in the game, you may get … [Read more...]

Project 365: Day 111 Boston Strong and Mormons

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 New International Version (NIV) The Need for Self-Discipline 24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the … [Read more...]

teaching kids how to swear & have sex: toward better communication

This has to do with youth ministry, it just takes a minute to get there. A couple of weeks ago I had the distinct joy of spending a week with my eldest son, Grey, on a motorcycle. Grey is 9, and … [Read more...]

7 Slow Ways To Experience Holy Week Again for the First Time

Easter is coming. Like a house motto in Game of Thrones, Christians proclaim the day of resurrection is near.  And of course it is near but I find that many of us in youth ministry may not slow down … [Read more...]

Youth Ministry Now

Stumbled upon this series of youth ministry lectures at Yale Divinity School today. Some quality youth ministry thinking captured here. NOTE: It isn’t the biggest of deals, but you might want to … [Read more...]

Project 365: Day 103 How Not to be *That* Sports Parent

  We are a sports family.  Between the 3 kids, my husband and myself, we have played soccer, cross country, track, baseball, basketball, football and cheerleading.  As an athlete, a sports mom … [Read more...]

Project 365: Day 100 Wholeness

I love Whole Foods grocery stores. There isn’t one near my house, so it’s a rare treat. I love walking the aisles surrounded by vibrant colors and aromas of natural, organic, healthy … [Read more...]

Beware of SSS (Squirrelly Spring Syndrome)

It seems to happen every year. The last frost has melted from the ground.  The first blooms are poking their heads through the surface of the warming ground and the air fills with the songs of … [Read more...]

Project 365: Day 99 A Lent/Passover Bible Study on John 13:1-35

Wednesday night is senior high Bible study night (SBUMCSHBS). Tonight we continued our series on the book of John and Jesus’s last days. Tonight’s lesson was multisensory and went really … [Read more...]

the word of the Lord to car-shopping teens

I was deep in reviewing my confirmation lesson plans when I got a text from one of my high school seniors: “I need to talk to you, can I come to your office?” Uh oh. You never know what this could be … [Read more...]

finding my identity in youth ministry

Immediately after graduating from Pfeiffer University with my B.A. in Christian Education, I started serving a Quaker Meeting as their Christian education director. My youth would sometimes refer to … [Read more...]

Upgrading your youth ministry spam filter

Part of what I do as senior writer/editor here at YWM (between answering Charles’ & Erin’s fan emails) is moderating comments on our site. I’m sure there are other sites where … [Read more...]

4 Lessons Learned at Progressive Youth Ministry Conference 2014

Last week I had an opportunity to experience something different.  The Progressive Youth Ministry Conference was a youth worker conference that, on the surface, seemed very hipster.  In emails sent … [Read more...]

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